Protecting your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris Van

October 19th, 2020 by

Just like all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, Mercedes-Benz vans are covered by Manufacturer Warranties and have optional Extended Limited Warranties available to protect your van beyond its initial Limited Manufacturer Warranty.  

Sprinter and Metris vans have Powertrain Limited Warranties that provide coverage for engine, transmission, and axle repairs.  The Powertrain Limited Warranty covers the Sprinter van for 5-years/100,000 miles and the Metris van for 5-years/60,000 miles.  The Limited Outer-Body Warranty protects the outer, finish-painted, metal panels from corrosion and perforation for 5 years or 100,000 miles.  All of the panels are covered for the first 3 years regardless of the mileage on the van.  Additionally, the Basic Limited Warranty offers basic coverage for the first 3 years or 36,000 miles.  The Basic Limited Warranty does not include normal maintenance and wear items on your van.  

Mercedes-Benz also offers an Extended Limited Warranty to continue to protect your van after the Manufacturer Warranty has expired.  With the Extended Limited Warranty, there are several features such as:

  • No deductibles or cumbersome claims processing
  • No approvals required prior to repairs
  • Repairs by factory-trained technicians utilizing high-tech diagnostic equipment 
  • Repairs completed with Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts

The Extended Limited Warranty is available in the following options for Sprinter and Metris vans:

  • 5 years or up to 100,000 miles
  • 6 years or up to 120,000 miles
  • 7 years or up to 140,000 miles

The details of the Manufacturer Warranty for the Sprinter and Metris Vans can be found on the Mercedes-Benz of Smithtown website under the “MB Vans” tab.  To ensure that your van is performing at its peak, be sure to speak with a Sales Consultant at Mercedes-Benz of Smithtown on 630 Middle Country Road in St. James about your warranty options.