Mercedes-Benz Lease End Options


As you approach the end of your Mercedes-Benz lease journey, there are a few options and steps that you can take next. Here at Mercedes-Benz of Smithtown we have programs and options available to you that we can customize to meet your every need.  Contact Mercedes-Benz of Smithtown and speak with one of our financial advisors to discuss.

Mercedes-Benz Lease End Options

Purchase Your Vehicle

If your car is too perfect to let go of, Mercedes-Benz of Smithtown can help you with the steps to purchase it. Purchasing your vehicle may be the best option for you. If you are comfortable with your vehicle and have the amenities you need, there is no better reason to buy. Our highly knowledgeable Financial Advisors will be able to help you through the processes every step of the way.

Return Your Vehicle

If you are interested in returning your vehicle and purchasing or customizing a brand new Mercedes-Benz, our Sales Consultants can help you with that transition. In our Mercedes-Benz of Smithtown Lease Accelerator Program you can receive up to 3 payment credits. We will waive up to the specified number of remaining monthly payments for select existing lease customers who return their vehicle that is currently leased with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. Eligible Mercedes-Benz (excluding commercial vehicles and G-Class SUVs) customers with a First Class Lease or Walkaway Balloon contract are eligible. If you replace your off-lease vehicle with a new Mercedes-Benz, we will credit your account for excess wear and use charges up to $500. And if you lease or finance your next Mercedes-Benz vehicles with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, you will receive a credit upto $595 for vehicle turn-in fee. Make sure to contact our dealership to learn more.

Steps To Turning In Your Lease

Once you’ve made your decision, returning your vehicle starts approximately four months prior to your lease maturity date. Before turning in your lease, schedule your complimentary pre-inspection with the independent third-party inspection company. You can then review your pre-inspection report online at You can then review your options of repairing any excess wear and use items but if you are replacing your off-lease with a new Mercedes-Benz, we will credit you up to $500 for any excess wear and use charges. Next contact our dealership to schedule a time and date to return your vehicle. Finally you will get your final lease-end statement in the mail notifying you with any further charges incurred for mileage overages and/or excess wear and use.


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