Pre-Owned Pricing Philosophy

No Stress Pre-Owned Pricing Policy

We at Mercedes-Benz of Smithtown know the stressful process that you go through in buying a Pre-owned vehicle. Over half our customers start their buying process by spending endless hour’s gathering information from the internet. The main focus is “Am I getting the best vehicle I can for the budget I have”. In other words, am I getting a fair deal?

  • At Mercedes-Benz of Smithtown, we take that stress out of the buying process.
  • Every one of our Pre-owned vehicles is priced competitively within our local market.

How Does This Market Based Philosophy Work

  • We actively review and adjust our vehicle prices to be consistent with dealerships in our market.
  • Every day our vehicle prices are compared to comparable vehicles that are offered for sale on the internet.
  • Management reviews “” and “” for comparable vehicles.
  • Everyday the entire sales team reviews pre-owned vehicles for QUALITY as well as FAIR PRICING so that we only offer you our “best pricing for the best product” at all times.
  • Management reviews our pricing against Kelly Blue Book and NADA.
  • You are able to review our pricing along with us during the sales process.

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This All Leads to a NO STRESS BUYING EXPERIENCE !!!!!!