How To Adjust Your Mercedes-Benz Clock

It’s not the safest option to constantly check the time on your watch or phone while driving, so that’s where the clock comes in handy. However, it can be bothersome to adjust the clock’s timing when daylight savings kicks in or while you’re travelling on the road. If you’re driving a Mercedes-Benz, whether it’s the older or newer Mercedes-Benz models, and are having troubles with adjusting your Mercedes-Benz clock, no worries as we got you covered in this post.

Clocks for Older Mercedes-Benz Models

For older Mercedes-Benz models such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class 116 and the 1971 Mercedes-Benz 250, the clocks can only be set manually. There are two buttons to be pressed in order to change the timing on the traditional digital clock. You can find the clock either spread apart on the dashboard behind your wheel or close together on the radio console.

If the clock is located on the radio console, one button will add hours while the other will add minutes. If the clock is on the driver’s display behind the wheel, you have to push down the left button and hold it till either the hours or minutes on the Mercedes-Benz clock flashes. After this happens, you can change the timing by pressing the right button. Push down the left button once again to switch from hours to minutes and eventually to off.

Clocks for Newer Mercedes-Benz Models

Considering that luxury cars should provide convenience, ease, and modern technology all in one package, you can expect nothing less with Mercedes-Benz. Recent Competition Mercedes-Benz models make it a whole lot easier for you to change the timing by placing a digital screen on the dashboard above the transmission. It can come in the form of menu buttons on the side or simply a touchscreen. These can be utilized for either basic sound systems or more complicated infotainment systems.

Depending on your model, some infotainment systems can also automatically change the time as it’s connected to satellite or internet data. If it’s not, all you have to do is head to the Home menu, locate the settings, and go into the display. There, you should find the clock and time settings, and you can adjust accordingly. There should also be a list of features such as “Time Zone” and “Daylight Savings Time” that you can select for your convenience.

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